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   Residual Stress Detection & Stress Relieving
   Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
   Non Metallic Crystals
   Partial Metallic Crystals
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Cryogenic Non Destructive Testing & Material Treatment
Patent Approved Number: US 2014/8,920,023 December 30, 2014

Cryogenic Transition Detection

Patent Approved Number: US 2014/8,894,279 November 25, 2014
  These two Patent Approved Technologies cover a
very broad range of cryogenic non destructive testing (NDT), processing and cryogenic phase transformation detection using liquid nitrogen
and helium.

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The James Webb Space Telescope


Markets for the application of this technology
include multiple industries

Markets for Cryogenic NDT services are widespread throughout numerous industries. When material distortion control, residual stress and performance of materials are  concerned, Cryogenic NDT testing and treatment can allow for significant breakthroughs in a product performance and durability for the intended application using novel NDT technologies.

-  Space Systems
-  Aerospace
-  Aviation
-  Optical
-  Tooling
-  Gears
-  Power Transmissions

-  Vehicles
-  Wind Energy
-  Railway
-  Trucking
-  Nuclear
-  Defense
-  Submarine Exploration
-  Mining
-  Medical
-  Oil / Gas
-  Audio/Acoustic
-  Electronic Industries


Modeling of Residual Stress and Machining
Distortion in Aerospace Components

Kong Ma and Robert Goetz, Rolls-Royce Shesh K. Srivatsa, GE Aviation
Aircraft engine and airframe structural components that are machined from forgings or plate stock represent a significant cost for both military and commercial aircraft.

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The Cryogenic NDT Process Study & Services

Cryogenic (NDT) non-destructive testing method is based on the effect of
the microcrystalline structure on the transmission of ultrasound.

  Why Cryogenic NDT Testing is valueable to the industry.
  How the process works.
  Benefits of cryogenic (NDT) testing processes.

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